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WE Tech Luger Full Metal Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol Medium

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WE Tech Luger Full Metal Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol Medium



So you finally got that Airsoft K98 or MP40 and all the gear to boot, but your authentic German WWII load out is still missing something, but what could it be? How about the infamous 9mm Luger used by the Germans from 1908 to 1938? That’s it! But with the cost of all the gear you just bought, how can you expect to buy a Luger? Surely it must either cost a fortune or be horrible quality! Perhaps so, until now at least! The new WE Luger is not only cost effective, but it’s full metal, has trademarks, and feels just like the real Luger!

The real 9mm Luger (P-08), also referred to as “parabellum” which translates to “for war” was utilized by the Germans during WWII and is synonymous with the war and sought after by Allied troops as a war trophy. So famous is this gun that it’s still sought after by collectors from all over the world today.

So detailed is this recreation that it even has trademarks similar to those found on the real Luger. In fact, when we did a side by side comparison with a real Luger, those who we asked to discern the Airsoft gun from the Luger generally had to simply guess. From the stamped “1915” on the top of the barrel to indicate it was manufactured during that year to the “Gesichert” marking the safety selector. Also amazing is that this gun functions exactly like the real Luger, the slide moving uniquely just like the real one. And there’s no guessing if you fired all of your BBs or not as when you’re out of ammo, the gun’s action will stay locked open.

While this WE Luger might not be the best of shooters and has a limited magazine capacity of only 15 rounds, it can certainly do its job and engage targets effectively up to 100 feet. This gun comes highly recommended if you have an Airsoft, or even Reenactment German WWII load out or if you just love the 9mm Luger.

Please note: this particular gun is not the authentic length of the issued Luger as used by the Germans during WWII, but is rather slightly longer and is more of a “competition” length barrel.

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  • Operation: Gas Blow Back
  • Fire mode/s: Semi Auto
  • Muzzle velocity: 300 fps w/ .2g
  • Effective range: 100 feet
  • Ammo type: High polished .2g - .25g
  • Hop Up: Adjustable
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rds
  • Locking slide: Yes
  • Open ejection port: Yes
  • Length: 10.50 inches
  • Gas type: Green Gas/Propane
  • Comes with orange tip

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