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Tactical Crusader Pro-A1 Propane Adapter

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Tactical Crusader Pro-A1 Propane Adapter



An alternative to green gas which has become increasing more difficult to find is to buy propane locally which comes in the small cylinders such as the ones used to fuel a camp stove. These cylinders are readily available at local hardware stores or anywhere that sells camping supplies and can be found for as little as $3 a cylinder!

Propane has been scientifically proven to have almost identical properties as Green Gas except for a slight difference in pressure. Also propane does not contain any silicone lubricant so you need to lubricate the gun more often. Propane can be used in any gun rated for Green Gas or higher. It can not be used in guns only rated for 134a gas.

  • Attaches to a 16.4 oz (485 ml) Propane Cylinder such as the kind used on a camp stove or lantern (will not work on your big gas grill tank!). One cylinder will last on average 500-1,000 shots depending on the type of gun.

  • You only need to buy one as the adapter is 100% reusable!! Once the cylinder is empty just unscrew it and move on to the next cylinder.

  • The new Pro-A1 adapter is constructed out of super strong aluminum housing with a machined aluminum valve which seals better than any other adapter on the market.

  • No assembly required.

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